The Group

The Group

The company main interest is intended solely for the search of new horizons and new challenges in areas other than the original one. Over the years this interest enabled the creation of new companies in strategic sectors of the local economy, with the aim of a market policy based both on the historical activity, relating to the construction and road maintenance, and on new activities, mainly concerning the renewable energy sector.

If we targeted on new and adventurous activities, in the present economic landscape we could not certainly overlook or disregard our historical activities, which are residential construction and agriculture.

The founder, Fernando Pinto (from which the name FP GROUP) has received a great impetus from the Historical Society and founder of the Group: CO BIT. S.r.l.

The CO. BIT. Srl, founded in 1998, was born from an idea of its founder, Fernando Pinto. Already bolstered by a wealth of experience in the field working in a family’s company, he decided to start the business of production of conglomerates asphalt and aggregates, without, of course, leaving out the operations in the road sector.

Thanks to its strong entrepreneurial skills, he has enabled the company to establish itself in the primary sector in which it operates and to earn the trust between traders and organizations with which it operates, for professionalism, credibility and expertise.

The determination and commitment used in the optimal management of the company has made possible, over the years, to achieve legitimacy and quality of both products and works carried out, obtaining the Certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2011 and the CE marking of the products.

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The building industry is one of those branches to which the Group has sought to diversify only from short time. In fact, with the establishment of a company with a predominant objective aimed at the construction, we have initiated the construction of a building for the realization of n. 10 apartments. The consent received, very satisfactory, has encouraged us to further develop this sector where we expect, in a rather short period of time, to consolidate our market position with new buildings.

On a par with building industry, including the production of energy from renewable sources has found its niche in respect of those who are the new activities of the group. The approach the new sector has not been the easiest, because the subject has been repeatedly submitted to continuous legislative reforms that have discouraged not just traders who are faced for the first time in this area of ​​production. However, while operating in a new environment and bureaucratic beyond all limits, we were able to install n. 02 wind turbines of the rated power of 1 MW each though, at least in the short, there are no new investments.

Our work obviously goes beyond what can only be an activity which falls between those of our group had also worked for the construction of civil works in the energy sector, with other companies engaged in renewable energy.

It is the segment per excellence in which is enclosed what may be considered the history of our group through the company’s founder, the CO. BIT. S.r.l ..

From the beginning, the CO. BIT. S.r.l. participated in tenders for public works getting through both the award or subcontracts with other companies, significant orders that have allowed the company to valorise and succeed, year after year, in a context such as that of public contracts.

The activity of participation in tenders for the provision of jobs is in constant development having recently also joined the idea to form a consortium for the development of stable participation in contracts of a certain economic entity.

We expanded the range of products by installing fully automated systems for the production of cement conglomerates, minimizing the possibility of human error in production.