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The road pavements asphalt consists of mixtures of artificial, coarse and crushed aggregate, such as natural sand or crusher sand, filler and bituminous binders. The aggregate mixtures are packed off work (in plants) and stretched by means of special pavers machines.

The CO.BIT.srl is equipped with a latest generation discontinuous plant, the Sim-Ammann CB 150, which allows to satisfy the most diverse requirements of production: from the basic products to the draining and sound-absorbing, from the modified asphalt to the additives.

Special Structures

It involves the construction of works that include, as an example: the execution of poles of any type, the execution of underpinning and special support walls, anchorages and works to restore the static functionality of the structures.

The CO.BIT.srl performs demolition works and rebuilding works of reinforced concrete for artwork and consolidations. CO.BIT.srl is able to ensure the realization of any project, ensuring execution speed, flexibility processing and projects adaptation.

Cold Asphalt

The cold plastic conglomerate is a bituminous mix ready to use for the rapid restoration of the road surfaces damaged by holes.

The CO.BIT.srl produces cold mix with its own plant and it is also equipped with an automated system for the packaging of cold mix in practical plastic sacks of 25 kg of weight each. The mixture thus obtained is stable and retains good workability requirements in time.

Calcareous aggregates

The stone aggregates form the skeleton of all the layers forming the pavement structure. They are obtained from rocks of particular characteristics of resistance, through an artificial crushing process and a subsequent thorough screening, so as to obtain a material with sharp edges and with a predetermined grain size range, as prescribed in the Special Contract Agreement of the work to be performed.

The CO.BIT.srl is equipped with a “jaw” fixed crushing plant: a series of “hammer” mills and vibrating “roughing” sifter for the selection of various particle sizes of aggregates used for road reinforcements and for the production of concrete and asphalt.

Ecological asphalt

The realization of streets with environmentally friendly flooring is essential in all cases where it is impossible to rely on traditional executive techniques nor resort to the use of the materials commonly used for flooring, such as bitumen, asphalt, concrete. (areas subject to landscape constraints areas of particular environmental interest, etc..).

The CO.BIT.srl realizes road surfaces by adopting suitable techniques in the context of protected areas, able to guarantee a natural colour on the road once the work is finished. The processing is performed at more layers exclusively with the self-propelled machine capable of simultaneously stretch both the emulsion and the grit.

Street furniture and bike paths

In the Age characterized by relentless technological innovations, the timeless bicycle remains a means of transport that can make a significant contribution in terms of sustainable mobility, or to achieve a much higher level of urban quality that is also supported by an appropriate presence of furnishings and service elements.

The CO.BIT.srl, over the years, has specialized in the field of urban furnishings and bike lanes, taking care of design, innovations and cutting-edge technologies that facilitate the accessibility of parks and cities, offering solid guarantees for them.


Excavations and earthmoving

It is the primary activity for all types of jobs in which we operate to create any public or private work.

The CO.BIT.srl is able to perform construction excavation and excavation in the section on lands of any nature and consistency, providing assistance and coordination for all the relevant administrative practices such as: characterization and analysis of the soil; the eventual management and reuse of soil and rocks excavated by managing, with our own resources, the transportation in recovery and/or disposal plants. Indeed, we own recovery and disposal authorizations within the meaning of the latest legislative decrees. The machinery with which we work includes excavators, mini-excavators, loaders and crawler loaders, skid steer loaders, trucks of various capacities, cranes and industrial trucks.

Cement conglomerates

Concrete is an artificial conglomerate consisting of a mixture of binder, water and aggregates (sand and gravel) with the addition, as needed, of additives and/or added minerals which affect the physical or chemical characteristics of the conglomerate both fresh and hardened. The cement mixture is instead constituted by a mix of stone aggregate (granular mix) treated with a hydraulic binder (cement) and water. The mixture will assume, after a suitable curing time, a mechanical strength durable even in the presence of water or frost.

In order to increase the growth of the company in terms of diversification of the offered products and services portfolio, The CO.BIT.srl has decided to expand its range of products and processes with the installation of plants for the production of concrete blocks (concrete and cement mixture) fully automated, which provide a significant optimization of the procedures and amount of materials to be loaded into the truck mixer, minimizing the possibility of human error in production.

Renewable energy

When we speak about renewable energy, we refer to the energy produced from sources deriving from certain natural resources. They have many advantages, of which the largest is without any doubts the absence of polluting emissions during their use and their inexhaustible. The use of these sources does not affect their availability in the future and they are invaluable resources to create energy while minimizing environmental impact. In this way we protect the nature in respect of the next generations and, moreover, there is a limit in the costs of production and distribution of energy.

Working for major companies in the renewable energy sector, The CO.BIT.srl has carried out works related to the construction and installation of equipment and infrastructure works for the production of electricity from renewable sources; the company also made for itself two wind farms on-shore from 1 MW.


The integrated development of market strategies derives from a constant improvement in the production process of the offered products and services. They are focused on the fundamental principles of compliance for the legislative requirements with specific reference to quality, environmental protection and safety at places of work, in addition to an innovative development of new products.


Up to date the CO. BIT. Srl pays particular attention to new market demands constantly developing new products thanks to synergies with partners that support the new market challenges.


The CO. BIT. Srl uses, both as regards production and for quality control of products, facilities and equipment of last generation, capable of supporting an optimal production of the product and to control the specific standards that the client, even the most demanding, requires.

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